What is Social Media Marketing?

In this regard, social media marketing is basically the process of advertising a company and its brand through social media sites by drawing on the principles of personal interaction, community building, and views, visitors, and fans for increased support, awareness, and customer success. For this reason, social media establishes communication between a company and its fan, as well as builds, targets, and establishes brand authority within a company’s niche markets.

Therefore, social media marketing is a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy, as social media itself is one of the most effective ways to enhance Internet marketing at its core. For this reason, understanding the essential role that social media marketing plays in the Internet marketing services available today is, in many ways, the key to understanding how a digital advertising agency can augment your own company’s services as well.

The Importance of Social Media in a Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the main reasons that social media is so important to Internet marketing is that it helps draw traffic. By establishing itself on social media sites, a company can increase its brand awareness in user communities, and encourage them to click on its links, read its updates, and, therefore, visit its actual company’s website as well.

Even further, however, social media marketing also supports a company’s SEO efforts as well, as one of the most effective things that a good social media campaign will do is create buzz. In other words, posting content that users find interesting will encourage them to comment on it, send it to their friends, “tweet” it on Twitter, or “like” it on Facebook. This is important in that increased activity creates inbound links to a company’s website, which, ultimately, improves its overall search engine rankings as well.

Finally, another reason why social media is one of the key Internet marketing services is that it helps a company build up its brand identity as well. In this regard, a company’s social media page can re-enforce its brand identity through relevant images, updates, and content. Therefore, a digital advertising agency can also use social media marketing to establish a company as a legitimate authority within niche-based communities of interested social media users as well.

What is Social Media Marketing?