Website Analytics

Experience an increase in your sites conversion rates and know the way it works for you through site analytics from Stimulate Conference….

Web analytics plays a crucial role in online marketing like buying and selling of products. Along with having a perfect web design supported by a rich content, one should also have some knowledge about the number of visitors visiting your website. This can be possible through positive investments on the web analytic services. Stimulate Conference Agency is such a site that offers unique tools and services to track the visitors and convert them into leads.

Our web analytic solutions include…

The competitive world of business today requires the website owners to stay active throughout and should be able to draw the information from their websites that can rapidly help their site growth. Therefore at Stimulate Conference, we offer our clients with the most efficacious and unique solutions for website analytics which include the dashboard creation, reporting and analytic services, custom analytic software development, configuring Google as well as campaign analytics, Search engine Marketing etc.

A truly professional team…

In order to offer all these services, we hire a team of experts, who employ various statistical methods to provide website analytic solutions to our clients by thoroughly understanding the data and needs of their sites.

Customer’s satisfaction a major preference….

We work with a concept of achieving a complete client satisfaction. For this we strive to increase their sites conversion rates.

We emphasize on…

In order to provide the most efficient web analytic solutions, we emphasize on various features like:

  • Comprehending the site purpose so as to understand the client’s site goals clearly.
  • Establishing the performance indicators to measure the performance a part of business intelligence.
  • Developing search friendly analytic profiles to attain analysis reports.
  • Creating the track codes, so as to track the number of visitors visiting the web site.
  • Preparing the conversion goals, using which visitors are converted into leads.
  • Concentrating on customizing filters to attain site traffic insights.
  • Producing the site report statements using which they can plan upon for their further future business expansions.